MOONGO - Monitor on The Go

Moongo (Monitor on the Go) is an alarms and events notification solution. The system is made up of a monitoring platform which adapts itself to the events taking place in your company via customized plug-ins designed according to the specifics of every single event.

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GEOREGISTER - Field Data Capture

Georegister is a solution for mobile Android and iPhone devices to capture data on the field . The solution is designed in such a way that allows a seamless integration with the IT ecosystem of your company. The templates and forms to enter the data are totally customizable.

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BIZZCHAT- Corporate Messaging Plataform

Bizzchat is a private social network tailored to the needs of every single type of business and organizations.This platform includes very diverse functionalities such as group conferencing, enterprise notification, user status and customized mood messages and controlled conferencing invites.